by Suitcase

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Shortly after releasing their debut CD, Peter Buck (R.E.M.) saw Suitcase play at the Crocodile. He approached Don after the set and bought a CD. Several months later, during and interview for The Big Takeover magazine, this is what he said:

"That's the thing. You can always find great stuff, but it just seems like it's fewer and farther between. Just in the last year I've seen THE VERVE, SPIRITUALIZED, RADIOHEAD, all relatively young bands that I thought were amazing. But then I probably see maybe 20 bands in a 30-day period around home. I'm the oldest guy in the room, but I can't tell you how many of them...well, I like one song, maybe. I just saw this band in Seattle called SUITCASE. I'd never heard of them. They were really good-kind of art-rock, but poppy art-rock. I went up to them afterwards and said, 'Geez, I haven't seen a band that was unheralded in a long time that I liked'. There's so few, generally somebody else will tell you"

Lisabeula was produced wayyyy back in 2001. It was recorded on 8-track ADAT and then dumped into a lame Pro Tools rig. Don spent countless hours pouring over tracks and over-thinking everything! Despite his maniacal tinkering, it didn't turn out half bad.


released January 1, 2002

Produced and engineered by Don Farwell
Mixed by Zack Reinig
Mastered by Aaron Warner

Don Farwell - Vocals, guitar left
Ed Otto, jr. - Vocals, guitar right
Sonam Miller - Bass
Jon Foley - Drums

Other musicians -
Cynthia Jefferson - French Horn
Charles Jefferson - Trumpet
Dan Rupert - Trombone
Jen Wood - Backing vocals
Kati Otto, Tom Wargo, Jeannine Haegele, Matt Reed - Group Vox


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Suitcase Seattle, Washington

SUITCASE is back in 2018 and beyond! Their new album, "Come Back" is due out on vinyl early fall 2019. Stay tuned:)

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Track Name: Bellingham
i guess you won bellingham
Track Name: Hate Truck
this life's a drag
no matter where you end up passing through
to know yourself
start peeling back you history to find
lies unfold
lives unfold
Track Name: South American Poison Arrow Frog
...especially don't drink the water's full of deadly pathogens...AHHHH
Track Name: Black Plastic
...I am somewhere in between the mountains and the weeds!
Track Name: She Didn't Want This
all that is and everything dies...
Track Name: Smoke from the over pass
screaming wet freeway
and all of your pretty lives
keep passing on by
Track Name: Place To Hide
and it won't be long
til we are all gone
and the ground will hug our bones
Track Name: This Was A Snowman
channeling thoughts from outer space!
Track Name: Toss And Turn
sunlight and birthdays
push them aside
just a reminder to keep it inside
Track Name: Eulogy
in retrospect and a clear light
they'll judge all the things
you did and did and did and didn't do
Track Name: Un-See Now
and the past will surely change
like memories fade

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